New website - New year

After all this time and effort, finally we have a new website! Still getting photos and info uploaded so be patient with us and check back often!

Lots of stuff happening at the shop these days...  You can catch YOB playing two of our 75 watt amps on stage this weekend in Santa Ana and San Francisco.  Mike's rig is sounding absolutely devastating right now.  We're very proud of that setup.

We're launching our 140 watt guitar amp here in February.  Also we're working hard to produce a large run of our Hundred Dollar Boost pedal in the next couple of months.  

For the first time ever you can buy a Soursound amplifier...

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet until the details are solidified, but here’s the scoop.

Currently we are building a custom amp for Brandon Summers / Helio Sequence.  This will be played (Bumbershoot + MFNW in 30 days!) at the same time as his other Soursound amp, which happens to be the very first amp we built back in 2006.

Another first…  We’re making more.  Three additional units will be for sale.

This build is unlike anything we’ve ever done and it represents a lot for me.  Besides the complexity of the design and the magnitude of the build, it’s a symbol of immense personal growth on my behalf.  It was quite a bumpy ride getting to where I’m at now, but what’s to come makes it totally worth it.

Stay tuned…

What demons lurk inside 50's gibsons a.k.a. how email organizing will change my life.

Did a monster rebuild of a late 50′s Gibson GA-50 yesterday.  I’ll get a few more shots up of it when I have a second (read: never).  This was one of the multi-section capacitors still left inside.  Rotting.  Disintegrating.  Tearing the club up.  I’m sure this exploding wax covered morsel contributed more to ‘the tone’ than one would like to admit.  That sweet, pungent, wax covered tone.  It smelled bad too… ugh.

On another note...