Tape Echo Service

Growing up working in recording studios, analog tape has always been held in high regard to me. There's just nothing quite like the character the right tape formulation brings to a delay line, whether it be for studio, guitar, or synthesizer usage. One thing that's discouraged people from owning and playing tape echoes is their need for service and upkeep. A properly overhauled Echoplex or Space Echo is a very reliable unit and with some minimal routine service will give years and years of creative music making.

Echoplex services

(Pictured) 3x EP2, 1x EP3, 1x Groupmaster in for overhaul.
I work on all Echoplex models except Sirekos. 
I also have a motor refurb service available for technicians looking for a solution for motor issues in units they're repairing and would prefer not to send an entire unit in for overhaul.

Echoplex mail-in service

• Disassemble, clean, inspect, and re-lubricate all motor/drive components (belt pulley, oil well, etc…) 
• Disassemble, clean, inspect, polish, and re-bush motor 
•Polish bottom capstan shaft in oil well / spherical bearing 
• Replace drive belt 
• Replace power supply supply capacitors 
• Replace all electrolytic signal / bypass capacitors 
• Replace any shorted or damaged electronic components
• Clean, polish, and re-lubricate sliding deck and slider components 
• Replace slider hardware if needed
• Clean and polish all heads 
• Reload tape cart with *correct* NOS tape (not ATR or LGR50) 
• Replace pinch roller with new dual bearing unit from EchoFix 
• Replace tension felt 
• Bias trap calibration 
• Bias calibration 
• Tape head azimuth/zenith calibration

Space Echo service

(Pictured) 3x RE-201, 2x RE-301, 1x Korg Stage Echo.  I work on all models of Roland Space Echoes! Some of these units are approaching 40 years old and need some serious maintenance to run their best but when they do they're a wonderful addition to anyone's tape echo arsenal.
We offer a motor only rebuild service to technicians who want a specialized motor refurb as part of they're service job.

Space Echo mail-in service

• Clean all pots and jacks
• Strip down, clean, and re-lubricate the motor
• Motor upper guide bearing replacement
• Motor lower sleeve bearing replacement
• Supply bearings replacement
• Leaf spring replacement
• All felt replacement
• Pinch roller replacement
• VU lamp bulb replacement
• New EchoFix tape installation
• Pinch Roller tension calibration
• Leaf Spring tension calibration
• All tape heads cleaned and polished
• Bias calibration
• Head adjustment and calibration
• Trap coil calibration
• Backup EchoFix tape loop to match the installed tape and calibrations

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