150W Guitar | 10 unit run 2014

specs | features 

- Laser cut and hand welded aluminum chassis

- Hand wired turret board construction

- In house custom CNC milled turret boards

- Laser engraved anodized control panels

- High quality Mogami signal wire used throughout

- PEC RV4 mil-spec molded carbon pots

- Extremely long life LED bayonet lamps

- Japanese made NKK power switches

- Proprietary multi-tap output transformer constructed by Mercury Magnetics

- Most output impedance options in the history of guitar amps [16, 8, 5.33 (16 + 8), 4, 2.66 (8 + 4), and 2 ohms]

- Proprietary power transformer built by Heyboer Transformers

- Mercury Magnetics inductor utilized in midrange circuit

- Easily accessible bias monitoring and adjustment

- Sozo hand made "Blue Molded" and Mustard coupling capacitors

- Relay based reverb select 

- Carbon composition resistors

- Mechanically isolated reverb tank 

- DC elevated filament system and unique ground system design for lowest noise

- Color coded preamp tube sockets

- Baltic birch head cabinet with recessed sub panel for increased rigidity

- Walnut, sapele, or zebrawood front panel (depending on availability)

Included tubes

- 4 RI Genelex KT88 power tubes

- 3 RI Tungsol 12AX7

- 3 Old stock RCA 12AU7

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