55 / 75 watt guitar head | Limited run 2012

Our first production model...

Our 75 Watt amp was originally designed for Brandon Summers in Helio Sequence as a replacement for his early 70's Ampeg VT40 which he was timid to subject to long term touring. Brandon was utilizing it in an odd manor where the bright channel was used for clean and the normal was used for more of a drive setting - all controlled via an A / B / Y pedal. We all agreed that we wanted this newer amp to retain that same big footprint with it's clean sound, but that it needed something different with how he accessed the drive capabilities of the amp. The result was a rather unique method of retaining the purity of a single channel amp but giving us the channel selection features of a multi channel amp.

Volume 1 gives you a true logarithmic taper level control and is voiced for deeper lows and highs to give your cleans definition and tons of dynamics. Volume 2 gives you the feel of those 70's lead amps that seemed to break up right from the start. Tighter low end and a more focused mid range give way to full out overdrive.  Selecting the channel is accessible via the front panel or included foot switch.  Internal relays handle all of the switching to minimize signal loss.  The foot switch has an addition function to automatically disengage the reverb when the second channel is selected.  This is accessed via the recessed switch in the pedal.

The EQ system is reminiscent of some of our favorite American made 70's guitar amps.  The bass control is just giant.  Tons of deep yet punchy low end or a thin and cutting attack can be dialed in.  Every part of the EQ control makes a difference.  Nothing is subtle here.  The mid control is a fully active inductor based circuit which allows for plus or minus 15dB at 300hZ, 1000hZ, and 3000hZ.  There's so many sounds accessible by these controls.

The reverb is a capacitively coupled design with a unique driver and recovery stage, and thanks to its rubber isolated mounting in the head cabinet, it doesn't feed back even with the fullest gain. All of this with the lowest noise floor you can imagine for an amp of this volume.

Power and standby switches are linked to corresponding lamps.  These are a high grade socketed lamp that will last over 100,000 hours.

Our proprietary output transformer gives more impedance options than any guitar amplifier in history.  Besides a standard 2, 4, 8, and 16 ohms options there's direct matches at 8+16, and 4+8 ohms.  Have that classic 16 ohm cabinet from Britain that you'd love to pair with your subwoofer cabinet?  No problem.  Run it like that all day, it'll be fine.  Plus it'll sound great doing it.

All of our boards are CNC drilled and milled specifically for this amp.  Everything is hand wired with very close attention to lead dress.  Every capacitor has been specifically chosen for it's place in the circuit.  

Stocked with 3 TungSol 12AX7, 3 old stock RCA "clear top" 12AU7, and a pair of current production Genelex KT88 tubes this amp is quite a beast.  In it's high power mode it put's out a very responsive and detailed clean at 75 watts.  Power output is closer to 120 watts in full clip thanks in part to it's custom designed output and power transformers.  The low power mode is more than just a decrease in output.  Clean output wattage is 55 watts, not a huge deviation from the high power mode, but it's function is more about changing the dynamic feel of the amp than it's output.  With a power supply reduction of 150 volts, the amp's response softens on the string attack.  Headroom is slightly decreased and the tone of the amp is a much rounder but all while retaining this amps incredible punch.

Though this amp has a very soulful feel to it's clean and it's ability to carve out different sounds with the EQ makes it extremely versatile, its overdrive capabilities bring it to another level.  By rolling back the bass and pushing the 3000hZ up the overdrive of the amp is super fast and very 70's classic rock.  Bump the mid up more and switch it down to 300hZ and it's absolutely perfect for the stoner rock / doom sound some lust over.  The circuit just does so much.

production dates
  • - Run 01 of 05 amps - Completed in October of 2013
specs | features 
  • - Hi / Lo Power Supply Setting - gives 75 or 55 Watt output-
  • - Hand wired turret board construction
  • - High quality Mogami signal wire used throughout
  • - PEC 2 Watt Molded Carbon Pots
  • - Proprietary multi-tap output transformer constructed by Mercury Magnetics
  • - Custom power transformer built by Heyboer Transformers
  • - Mercury Magnetics inductor utilized in Midrange Circuit
  • - Multiple output impedance options - 16, 8, 5.33 (16 + 8), 4, 2.66 (8 + 4), and 2 ohms
  • - Easily accessible bias monitoring and adjustment
  • - Sozo Blue Molded and Mustard Coupling Capacitors
  • - Relay Based Channel Switch and Reverb with Foot Switch Included (Deluxe model only)
  • - Carbon Composition Resistors
  • - Mechanically Isolated Reverb Tank
  • - DC Elevated Filament System
  • - Laser cut and Hand Welded Chassis
  • - Hand finished and branded Sapele Front Panel
  • - Flight case optional