Soursound Hundred Dollar Boost Pedal | Limited run 2009

Our original middle finger to overpriced effects pedals

Ever take the back off of that pedal you just spent $250 only to find it's but a few parts hurriedly put together with some overpriced paint job on the front?  I"ve always thought that was pretty lame.  We made the hundred dollar boost to prove a point. That same old mosfet boost everyone is already making, that slapped together build quality, and those horribly cheap parts aren't worth the cash they're asking.

Simply put - our clean boost takes what you've already got (your guitar signal) and gives you a hell of a lot more of it.  The circuit is very high input impedance and a very low output impedance making it perfect for driving long cable runs.  It's voicing is designed to shape your guitar signal so a more natural amp overdrive can be attained all while expanding the detail of your playing.  String definition during chording is increased and note attack is improved.  At the unity gain setting it works as a fantastic buffer pedal.

There's actually two circuits inside. The first is the power supply, which takes your 9 volts DC (from battery or adapter) and steps it up to 26 volts. This gives us much more level and voltage swing out of our boost circuit. The power supply circuit is polarity protected by a protection circuit that is 100 percent fool proof. If you plug it in to the wrong polarity it just doesn't work. No blown diodes. No trips to the tech.

The boost circuit is actually a simple yet elegant solution to gain. It's a discrete voltage amplifier directly coupled to an impedance driver. Fairchild semiconductors and Wima capacitors bring it up to "cork sniffer" territory other manufacturers are unwilling to touch at this price point.  The circuit is totally unique and not a copy of any existing product.

It's painted with a thick black textured finish and then laser engraved on the top and bottom. No paint to wear off.

We're forced to make these in pretty large runs to meet the stated price point so we offer pre sales whenever a run is announced. The price is $100 before shipping. The cost of that price is an agreement to never sell it for more than $100. We've put it right there on the back of the pedal...