Lead 55 with Reverb | 2013

Our first production model... 2 years later.

When we completed our first production run in 2013, we thought we had nailed something really special... and we had, but that didn't mean we would stop there.

We took our 55/75 amplifier and kept the same output transformer and preamp circuit but coupled it with a set of Genalex KT77s and a redesigned power transformer.  On top of that we re-voiced the preamp for slightly less gain, but opened up the phase inverter to push the KT77s quicker.  The idea being we could increase the overall dynamic response of the amp but also increase the power tube distortion.  

The preamp is reminiscent of the famed "V-Series" amplifiers produced in the late 60's, including the toroidal inductor based active midrange circuit, which gives this amps it's extreme versatility on stage or in the studio.  Want that classic "blackface" clean sound?  Dial back the 1kHz.  Want that british mid push?  Boost the 3kHz.  With up to +/- 12dB of midrange control, at three different frequencies, you can change the entire feel of the amp on one knob.  The input sensitivity switch changes the AC gain of the first stage which gives greater control over headroom, but also control over how the amp responds to effects pedals.  Bass and treble controls both have a very wide range of function giving you even more control over the tonality of the amp.

Control panel differs from the older model in the photo.

current control set

  • Input Sensitivity [High and Low]
  • Volume
  • Treble
  • Middle
  • Mid Frequency Select
  • Bass
  • Reverb

specs | features 

  • Laser cut and hand welded aluminum chassis
  • In house cnc milled turret boards
  • Mogami signal wire 
  • PEC RV4 mil-spec molded carbon pots
  • Extremely long life LED bayonet lamps
  • Japanese made NKK power and standby switches
  • Proprietary multi-tap output transformer constructed by Mercury Magnetics
  • Most output impedance options in the history of guitar amps [16, 8, 5.33 (16 + 8), 4, 2.66 (8 + 4), and 2 ohms]
  • Proprietary power transformer constructed by Heyboer Transformers
  • Mercury Magnetics toroidal inductor in active mid circuit
  • Easily accessible power tube bias monitoring
  • Sozo hand made "Blue Molded" and "Mustard" capacitors
  • Relay based reverb select
  • Mechanically isolated reverb tank
  • DC elevated heater system
  • Unique ground system for lowest noise
  • Baltic birch head cabinet with recessed sub panel for rigidity
  • Walnut, Sapele, or Zebrawood front panel (depending on availability)

Included tubes

  • 2 RI Genalex KT77 power tubes
  • 3 Mullard RI CV4004 / 12AX7
  • 3 Old stock RCA 12AU7A

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