SS15 15 Watt Combo Amplifier | Limited Run 2018

Our flagship guitar amplifier

The SS15 is the result of years of design, testing, manufacturing development, and prototyping. From it's proprietary handle I assemble in the shop to the output transformer I wind myself, it's been an exercise in never settling for anything off the shelf. 


It'll probably take just as long to describe but here's a start.

Controls are very simple. Volume, treble, bass, speed, and intensity both for the tremolo. There's also a gain switch that changes the sensitivity of the phase inverter. The idea here is that those 4 controls (vol, treb, bass, and gain) are completely interactive and aren't used just for their indicated function but as well as for changing the amp's headroom and distortion response. So at a certain point up the treble knob the bass will tighten up along with the amp getting brighter. The bass control is the same way. At a certain point on the control the low end will swamp out the top end and the perceived effect is the treble roll off - but at a different frequency than where the treble sits. At higher gain playing this eq totally changes the distortion tonality of the output section. More bass from the EQ will soften the attack and more treble will increase it. Volume will affect all of this because the amp will inherently have less low end at lower volumes and be brighter and clearer when the amp is clean. The gain switch is another layer to all of this. For a player who used a lot of pedals, the lower gain setting offers more headroom and more clarity. By design it also gives a wider sweep from the entire EQ thanks to the added headroom. The higher gain setting is for a more "guitar directly in to the amp feel" and allows the player to really control their amount of distortion and clean right from their picking hand and the volume control on the guitar.   

We'll be releasing another run of this amplifier in 2020 and will be updating this page more as pre-production gets further along. Please sign up for our newsletter for quicker updates!


15 Watts of clean output

3x 12AX7 preamp tubes

2x EL84 power tubes

1x 5AR4 rectifier tube

In-house hand wound output transformer

Proprietary stainless steel, aircraft aluminum, and english bridle leather handle

Stainless steel logo inlayed in African Sapele valence

Compound resonant frequency baffle for maximizing cabinet response

Hand wired turret board construction

High quality Mogami signal wire used throughout

PEC 2 Watt Molded Carbon Pots

12" Celestion Alnico Blue speaker





Gain Switch

Selects high or low input sensitivity of the phase inverter circuit.  Great for increasing output section headroom for a more pedal friendly headroom level.




Tremolo speed


Strength of the tremolo

Andy Martin Demos the HDB through an SS15


Prototypes A & B for Peter Holmström (The Dandy Warhols) - November 2016
Run 01 - 2018 | 10 amplifiers