Working on new amps when I can now that I'm back from tour, but being buried with killer gear like these ol' Gibsons doesn't make it easy. #gibson #soursound May 12 2016

This was fun. #gravesatsea #rumbleintherustbelt2016 April 24 2016

Asheville, NC was fun as hell. Destroying like $50 worth of sticks in one show wasn't. What gives @promarkbydaddario ? Someone have a hangover in the QC department? #imgoingbrokeouthere #gravesatsea #rumbleintherustbelt2016 April 13 2016

First show in and already it's begun. I'll break it all before the end. #rumbleintherustbelt2016 #gravesatsea April 11 2016

No more amp photos for a bit. I'm on tour. #gravesatsea #rumbleintherustbelt2016 April 11 2016

I get inside a lot of old amps. More than most, and usually I find the same old shit... Bags, bugs, and drugs... But this right here - this takes the cake. Weirdest thing I've ever found inside an amp - a 7" metal comb. #sickhairdontcare March 22 2016

Had a grip of choice amps on the bench yesterday courtesy of the undeniably awesome @blackbookguitars This #gibson GA-79RVT sounded ridiculous. #soursound March 16 2016

Hey @quantumyob I got your old amp in here... What a beast. #soursound #matamp #orangeamps #rigsofdoom @rigsofdoom February 27 2016

Space Echo or Echoplex? Personally I'm an Echoplex fan. Here's a Groupmaster, an EP-3, and 3 EP-2 units in for rebuilds. Always busy - never bored. #soursound #echoplex #tapedelay February 27 2016

Not enough room in the photo for all of em'. There's even more... #fender #soursound #fml #rigsofdoom #rigsofblues February 27 2016

After a week in Mexico and a week with the ol' Montezuma's Revenge, I'm right back where I belong. #magnatone #soursound February 27 2016

Last minute fireworks before heading to the airport. #microfracturedtube January 19 2016

Tonight I'll be in Mexico but today I'm right where I always am... A constant Ampeg onslaught. v4x4 #ampeg #soursound @rigsofdoom January 19 2016

This is basically a karaoke machine with a built in tape echo. #whatwilltheythinkofnext January 11 2016

Another #Klempt #Echolette rolling through the shop. Probably the most harmonically rich tape echo ever designed. January 07 2016

Obligatory Portland snow shot. Ol' Blue lookin' classy as usual. January 03 2016

Mechanically engraved reference designators on all the new 180W boards. #soursound December 16 2015

Today's workload... (Echoed six times) #spaceecho #stageecho #roland #korg #soursound @rigsofdoom you'll love this mess. December 09 2015

Oh man... #skynet #soldano #caswell December 03 2015

Back at 180W transformer assembly. Hoping to knock out some of the email backlog today as well. #soursound November 24 2015

After entirely too much wait and reassembly work I finally have a full set of transformers for the 180 watt amp. Kt88 shown for size comparison. #soursound #heavyiron November 23 2015

This thing still rules but 2009 was a lifetime ago. #soursound November 20 2015

#soursound 4x12 collaboration with @rollersound Flat sawn zebrawood. Still waiting on grill cloth but man this thing is huge sounding. November 17 2015

What we got here is a straight up ripper. This #matamp GTO slays. ⚡️ November 05 2015

That #sound sound @acornamps #thedandywarhols November 04 2015

It's always nice to see these amps after they've been beaten up a little bit. The walnut on this 150W bass amp still looks killer. #soursound October 30 2015

Back from tour and the redesigns are coming along... Next step is to address my email backlog. #soursound #nopunintended October 23 2015

That piece of mahogany was somethin' special. Here's a close up. #soursound October 08 2015

Tweaked on an old one today... #soursound #theshins October 08 2015

It's weird to me that Portland is becoming less of a manufacturing based economy these days. October 07 2015

Nerd stuffs. October 06 2015

"I'm going to write emails today. It will happen" - me everyday. Here's an early 60's ampeg super echotwin built in to a 1x15 2x12 stack that's way funner than writing emails. #typhoon #typefaster October 02 2015

Despite this nasty head cold I was able to laser a quick inset jack plate for this 4x12 me and @rollersound have been working on. The walnut looks nice but wouldn't do this if it wasn't for me. Wooden backplate sounds like a tour mishap waiting to happ... September 29 2015

What if I made 30watt 2x12 "combo" with a tilt rack... Love stuff like this. #soursound September 16 2015

Personally I think these are some of the best amp chassis out there. Laser cut aircraft aluminum at 1/1000th of an inch precision, hand welded, high strength pem nuts, internal shielding plates, with a high conductivity chromate film finish. We can bu... September 11 2015

It's like a mid 60's #Fender catalog shoot in here today. July 08 2015