"Oldie but goodie" #soursound June 22 2015

Pre-tour check today for @heliosequence on the very first #Soursound production amplifier. June 01 2015

These are some real Supros, not no "newpros". 2xThunderbolts 1x1688T May 29 2015

Bass for days... Ampeg B-15N x 3 May 28 2015

Details... #soursound May 21 2015

#modestmouse just got way louder. #soursound May 21 2015

Super long and productive week 'round here. Isaac Brock's second 150W beast. (The middle one with the walnut) #soursound #modestmouse May 14 2015

The 150W slave unit to accompany @the_noble_mountain 's other 150W amp. His rig is gonna push over 300w clean and just over 500W in clip. @rigsofdoom will probably hear him all the way from Portland. #soursound May 14 2015

More surprise photos for @the_noble_mountain Besides being the most patient of clients ever he's an absolutely amazing tattoo artist. Give him a follow. #soursound #filthyelcamino May 14 2015

Burning up more walnut today for Mr. Brock. #soursound #modestmouse May 13 2015

Got to jam on this fella a few weeks back. Damn thing has been on tour since we finished it almost a year ago. #soursound March 28 2015

@madridguitars January 02 2015

"My old deluxe buzzes". Yep. That's why. #tweeddeluxe #capgoo January 02 2015

#redneckchristmas is a go. #elcamino #edelbrock December 24 2014

150W AB1 Bass amp #soursound December 16 2014

That walnut... #craziness #soursound December 04 2014

Instant deaf. #soursound #emperorcabinets #rigsofdoom November 24 2014

Gettin' silly with these vents today. #soursound November 22 2014

Finished this guy up today. 150watt guitar head finished to match an emperor cabinet. #soursound November 22 2014

New vents #soursound November 22 2014

Power transformers for a limited 150watt bass amp running we're announcing soon. #soursound October 06 2014

Our 150watt bass amp in progress. Early progress. #soursound September 14 2014

Productive Sunday pressing out more boards. Doing these by hand takes so much patience. #soursound September 14 2014

Back in stock! http://soursound.com/products/shirts Let's see if my website actually works! September 10 2014

Evolution of the fliptops. B15-S and a B18-X. Not pictured another 2 SB-12s, Gemini II, 2 V4. We do a ton of Ampegs. #ampeg #soursound September 03 2014

Hear this beautiful beast in action tonight at the Doug Fir in PDX. #soursound #ampporn August 02 2014

More and more #magnatone work. #soursound July 30 2014

And then this happened. @gravesatseaband this is why I'm late for practice. July 27 2014

This morning was nice. #ridingtherim July 19 2014

I seem to rebuild a lot of Ampex 350 and 351 units. Just like the old days @acornamps @alexandrosuarez July 16 2014

Looks like Isaac got a new custom amp head from #soursound #modestmouse July 14 2014

Looking good considering it started in a bunch of boxes. #nortoncommando July 14 2014

This guy. #nickcaveandthebadseeds July 05 2014

#soursound workload today courtesy of #nickcaveandthebadseeds July 03 2014

For those out there who wonder if the inside looks as good as the outside... #soursound June 29 2014

Putting the finishing touches on another 150Watt... June 27 2014