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handcrafted magnetic components & audio devices

We specialize in producing transformers reminiscent of the golden age of transformer design. More than just another component in your design, our transformers are designed for their sonic imprint just as much as their circuit function.

new reproduction designs available now

"The sound of this transformer is like a dream...unbelievable sounding." - Chris Benson // Benson Amplifiers

"Soursound has an unrivaled build process that ensures superior tone, durability and vintage accuracy. Plus the knowledge and taste to come up with inspiring original designs." - August Graybosch // Otis Amplifiers

“Soursound's knowledge, and willingness to share it, is an asset that should not be overlooked. Their transformers are outstanding to anyone with an ear because they sound like music, not just parts” - Charles Henry // Silktone Amplifiers