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Tweed Deluxe Transformer SET

Your first step towards building the most vintage accurate Tweed Deluxe amp of your dreams!

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Output Transformer:
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About our Tweed Deluxe Transformer Set:

Considering we’ve been winding the various different types of output transformers used in the Tweed Deluxe over it’s illustrious 12 year production cycle, it only seemed fitting to combine them with a suitable power transformer to make a proper vintage spec Tweed Deluxe transformer set!

This set includes our SST6452 Tweed Deluxe power transformer and your choice of Tweed Deluxe output transformer - all extremely accurate reproductions of their original designs.

SST108: Probably the most notable output transformer design used in these amps, this is the standard output commonly found in the later 50’s 5E3 model. It’s a bobbin wound design with a unique core configuration for a push-pull output that alters the low frequency response dynamically by limiting it’s primary inductance and introducing core saturation earlier than a standard core lacing. The increase in primary winding capacitance from the bobbin winding creates a lower self-resonance frequency that brings the upper midrange more forward than the other Deluxe output transformer designs. Crucial for the 5E3 sound. No other output sounds quite like this one in that 5E3 circuit.

SST1839: This is the fully layer wound design used in the earlier Tweed Deluxe models (TV fronts and the 5D3 wide panel). Despite being made by more than one manufacturer, the design never seemed to change during it’s usage - as if it was just copied over and over by whoever Fender had make them at the time. Because of this you’ll see the same transformer with different model numbers (1839, 50246, etc…). It differs from the SST108 in that it’s core is laced in a more traditional configuration for a push-pull output transformer so the low end is much less restricted. Core saturation is lower and bass frequencies are more rounder and full sounding. With the layer winding the primary capacitance is greatly reduced so the top end is very smooth with a more Bessel curve to the rolloff than the 108. Here’s where the materials we use really shine because this transformer is such a classic style of design that really just hits that mid 50’s feel perfectly. More info on this design can be found on the SST1839 product page.

SST125A1A: A deceptively difficult transformer to wind thanks to it’s layer density and 5 section interleaving (all layer wound of course), it’s a radically different design than the previous two used in the Tweed Deluxe and only found in the 1960 and later versions. The more complicated winding geometry results in less leakage inductance, and a much more extended top end along with greater coupling efficiency. For those individuals who want increased headroom and level out of their 5E3 this is a fantastic transformer. Very detailed overall with a flatter midrange than the earlier Deluxe designs. First developed by Schumacher for the Deluxe model of the time, Fender used this transformer all through the 60’s in the Brown Deluxe, Deluxe “amp”, and Deluxe Reverb models as well and if you’re familiar with the sound of those amplifiers then you already know the clear and defined voice this transformer carries with it. More info on this design can be found on the SST125A1A product page.

SST6452E: Our Tweed Deluxe “Vintage Voltage” spec power transformer is designed to give you the same power supply voltages you’d find in your amp if you plugged it in to the wall back in the 50’s, yet powered by today’s 120VAC. Additionally we’ve gone to great lengths to recreate the dynamics and feel of an original Tweed Deluxe by matching the original DC resistance of the high voltage winding and consequently the sag and compression in the original circuit. In a standard 5E3 circuit the first node in the power supply will sit around 368VDC plugged in to 120VAC at idle.


• "Vintage Voltage" Power Transformer: Original design voltages with 120VAC input voltage
• High voltage secondary DCR matched to original PT. Dynamics and compression matching a vintage amplifier.
• Internally nested faraday shield for low noise operation


Recommended for (but not limited to):

• All Tweed Deluxe circuit variants
• 15W Amplifier designs