Tweed Princeton Transformer Set


Custom wound for your order - 30 days to ship

Output Transformer:
In stock units ship within 2 business days. Custom orders will ship within the stated timeframe.

About our Tweed Princeton Set:

Tweed Princeton Set Specifications:

• "Vintage voltage" Power Transformer: secondary voltages are the same as the original PT running on the original primary voltage (115VAC in this case)
• High Voltage winding DCR matched to the original unit
• Center Tap added to the 6.3VAC winding for low noise operation
• Choice of Layer Wound OT (SST265) or Bobbin Wound OT (SST107). These are available with 4ohm or 8ohm secondary

Recommended for:

• Tweed Princeton circuits with ~360VDC first node

Mounting Information:

• Power Transformer :
Original laydown mounting
Mounting hole dimensions - 2" x 2 1/2"
• Output Transformer :
Original channel bracket frame
Mounting hole centers - 2 13/16"