SST125A1A // Schumacher 125A1A Tweed Deluxe, BP/SP Deluxe Reverb Output Transformer


Often "cloned" - yet never recreated, our SST125A1A is absolutely the most accurate and authentic reproduction of the original Deluxe Reverb output transformer on the market.

Custom wound for your order - 30 days to ship

In stock units ship within 2 business days. Custom orders will ship within the stated timeframe.

SST125A1A Specifications:

• 6K6 : 8R Impedance Ratio • 22W Nominal Power Handling

Recommended for:

• 1959-60 5E3 Tweed Deluxe
• All Brown Deluxe Models
• All Deluxe Reverb Models
• 15W - 22W designs

Mounting Information: