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SST125P1B // Princeton Reverb, BP Champ Power Transformer

Original winding geometry Schumacher style 125P1B / 022772 power transformer.  Features an added internally nested primary-to-secondary shield and lower temperature rise thanks to our proprietary VPI finishing procedure.  Perfect for a vintage replacement or your next dream amplifier build!
Sale price$185.00 USD
Custom wound for your order! 30 days to ship.

In stock units ship within 5 business days. Custom orders will ship within the stated timeframe.

About our SST125P1B:

Based off of multiple vintage rewinds we’ve done, out SST125P1B power transformer is constructed to not only provide the same voltages and operation as the original unit, but to be an upgraded version with a lower heat rise and reduced line noise.



• Original Laydown Mounting

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