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SST265 // Tweed Princeton Output Transformer (Layer Wound)

A recreation of the famed 50's single-ended output transformer used in the 5F2, 5F2A, and more. Precision layer winding combined with dynamically matched primary inductance take this transformer's authenticity to the new heights.

Sale price$135.00 USD
Secondary Impedance:
Custom wound for your order - 30 days to ship

In stock units ship within 5 business days. Custom orders will ship within the stated timeframe.

About our SST265:

"That SST265…..WOAH! This amp sounded good but it just came alive. Clarity and warmth. And just depth. Really took it to some place special."


• SST265-4 7600R:4ohm
• SST265-8 7600R:8ohm
• 5W Power Handling


• Original Style Horizontal Channel Frame Bracket
• Mounting hole centers - 2 13/16"

Recommended for (but not limited to):

• Tweed Princeton
• Tweed Champ (w/ larger speaker)