SST107 // Tweed Princeton Output Transformer (Bobbin Wound)


An often overlooked output transformer that's a piece of Fender history, the SST107 captures everything that made this Tweed Princeton output variant unique and distinctive.

Custom wound for your order! 2 weeks to ship.

Secondary Impedance:
In stock units ship within 2 business days. Custom orders will ship within the stated timeframe.

SST107 Specifications:

• 7600K : 8R Impedance Ratio
• 50mA Primary DC Current
• Primary DCR :
• Shimmed Butt Stack Core Lacing
• 5W Nominal Power Handling

Recommended for:

• Late 50's Tweed Princeton Builds
• Tweed Champ builds when using a 10" or 12" speaker
• 5W Single Ended designs

Mounting Information:

• Original type Channel Frame
• Mounting hole centers 2 3/8"